Weekly Photo Challenge ~ INSIDE

Today i walk inside a peony

she is calling me–
this beautiful flower,
i hear her amongst morning sounds
of waking birds and wind
and her fragrance
plays a song which opens my heart
i breathe and her song
becomes a balm of light entering my body
i climb
this soft path into creation
i breathe God    and my spine
stiff with humanness
becomes a flute of light
i am fluid with notes like water
gliding amidst soft pink petals

tall furled passageways
softer than skin
delicate as a dream
within veins of my chest
floats the music of life
and in becoming
i step out from cells in all directions

i cannot become lost
surrounded by these petals and this path
where God has led me to walk today
i breathe and these words become light

we have known each other
since time began
it is time we dissolve the each

it is time we recognize there is no other

as we have
known this
since time began

14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ INSIDE

  1. Margaret! Your talents are a gift to all who know you. Such a word smith. I felt myself melting as I read this Peony Poem. Thank you!

  2. Margaret, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on my maple sugaring post. This is how I was drawn over here, right into the sweet folds of your peonies. What a delightful post, pictures and words!

    • Oh, I was happy to do that! In fact I’m going to make pancakes with maple syrup tomorrow in your honor! 🙂 I’m so happy the peonies drew you into my blog. They are SUCH lush and amazing flowers, aren’t they? Thanks for your wonderful comments! Have a beautiful spring!

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