Order Pachamama’s Beautiful Food upcoming cookbook today!

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Yes! It has been months of work, many years in the dream and planning stages, and at last, Pachamama’s Beautiful Food cookbook is now in midst of publication!
Because I am self-publishing – your pre-payment is giving this project wings to fly!

Half of this first shipment is already sold! Purchase today!
Book launch date is now officially September 1, 2019!
Cost includes shipping and handling.

Please make payment (click on the PayPal OR credit card option) and fill out form below. If you’d like to make payment by check, please indicate that in the comment section below. I will email the mailing address to you.




Pachamama’s Beautiful Food cookbook – magical recipe alchemy and love affair with the earth

From original poetry celebrating Mother Earth – “Pachamama” in the Quechuan language of South America – to quadruple coconut chocolate pancakes with sour cherry honey, grilled endive and asparagus soup with fresh peas and blue cheese, roast golden beet carpaccio with walnut sherry vinaigrette, bison and apple stew pommeau served in a pumpkin, and chocolate mascarpone tart with Frangelico grilled figs plus a story or two served alongside, Colorado chef Margaret Gilfoyle invites you on a delicious journey through her home kitchen and gardens. Serving up 77 favorite recipes from over 25 years of professional chef and cooking life. “What a gift you give me, every time you offer up a seat – at the table in your heart.”



Thank you so much for your appreciation, support and enthusiasm for these recipes!
They have been all created, through the years, in joy.

book layout mockup 2

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