Cabernet Chocolate Truffles

Luscious, incredible, creamy, ecstasy invoking truffles… Flavored lovingly with one of the most intoxicating fragrances – the zested clementine… – and a good splash of Cabernet, simmered down to virtually a syrup, deepening the truffles with rich, concentrated, elusive mmmm. Having a little sip of wine as the afternoon rolled into evening, I could not resist making these…

The Refuge of a Pumpkin Flower

When the beauty one encounters is so vast it defies description, I wonder if my heart, beaming strongly through these words is enough to portray why witnessing the refuge of a pumpkin flower awakened me?

Chocolate Plum Buckle with Honey Whipped Cream

Oh, my my. Feeling decadent and rich with a sack full of fragrant plums, I decided to experiment the other night. Chocolate and spice and everything nice – gluten free, dreamy…. Summer is the time when you particularly get to choose to bake – or if you are attending family reunions, perhaps get to partake – of…

The Promise of Plums

The promise of plums like glowing constellations spark the midday sky      

Spring Crepes with Fresh Goat’s Milk Yogurt and Maple Sugared Violets

A sweet dessert to stun your loved ones with the fantastic fact that it is Spring… …started out like this, here’s the Girls giving some smooches… (take a visit to Rain Crow Farm in my herbed goat cheese au poivre post): …and then into the kitchen to make a batch of tangy, luscious goat’s milk yogurt….

Welcoming Bees … in the Apricot Blossoms

There is always something to be grateful for. The heady buzzing, dizzying swoop and impulses of bees. I stand near the apricot blossoms, opening today in April 3rd sun, and the bees navigate instinctively, intently, all around me, paying me no mind. What is it like, guided by scent and temperature through the world? Diaphanous whir…

Quadruple Coconut Chocolate Pancakes

Perfect for the weekend. Or a beautiful breakfast any day. When you have a little extra time to breathe…. These light, gluten free pancakes have a delicious quadruple dose of coconut: coconut flour – a high fiber, tender addition to the batter, coconut milk – luscious and pure, creamy coconut oil, plus flaked organic coconut…

Bee Heaven, Elderberry Syrup, and a Sunrise Smoothie

When I first visited this amazing Paonia, Colorado home in July of 2011, and was taken into the back yard, I fell in love. The grape bower made of old tree limbs, with a shady alcove to sit underneath -looking out at a rich garden plot beyond. And the towering bushes framing the garden, were loaded, LOADED with elderberries….

Prayers, Pomegranates and Moroccan Fruit Salad

The allure of the pomegranate. I have been intrigued as long as I can remember. The abundance of hidden sweetness behind every papery membrane. Discovery. Stained fingers. The fruit of legends. The Stupa of Dharmakaya, Shambhala Mountain Center at Red Feather Lakes in Colorado is a setting where a beautiful depiction of the pomegranate fruit is displayed….

Amaretto Pear Preserves

Pears and almonds go together like childhood friends. It’s true! This pear preserves recipe has a wonderful depth added by flavoring with a little Amaretto (Italian almond liqueur), fresh nutmeg, and honey. So easy, and lushly delicious, like these pears it was made from this afternoon. Assembling ingredients for a recipe like this brings a smile….