Take a walk through my garden, 2012 in Paonia, Colorado

Walking through my garden last season was a continuous joy for me. Of the thousands of photos I took, here’s a sampling of the wonder as I saw it. The diversity that IS life on this planet fills my heart. And last year filled my garden, too. So grateful! What’s growing (or grew) in my backyard garden this year, in the North Fork Valley of Colorado, with rich, black dirt and LOTS of earthworms:

June 5, 2012
June 5, 2012

Over wintered collards, spinach, mixed lettuces, radishes, strawberries, beets, carrots, red pontiac and  yukon gold potatoes, several kales, rainbow chard, tri-color bush beans-yellow wax, green, burgundy, blue lake pole beans, leeks, broccoli, cabbage, pickling cucumbers, Luscious bi-color sweet corn, watermelon, butternut squash, white pumpkin seeds turning into orange pumpkins, jalapeno, red bell and serrano peppers, tomatillo, and ten varieties of tomato: moby grape, sun gold, yellow pear, sweet 100’s, san marzeno, lemon boy, early girl, beefsteak, purple cherokee, brandywine.

Herbs: horseradish, thyme, chives, rosemary, basil, burnet, garden sage, oregano, parsley, lavendar, lemon balm, spearmint – plus white sage and sweetgrass

And ornamental gourds


And a couple months later — true Paradise.

August 24, 2012
August 24, 2012

Additional fruits: apricot, a tiny sour cherry, reliance seedless pink grapes, Italian plum, “summer” apple, elderberry, chokecherry, rhubarb, gooseberry (which hasn’t borne fruit yet!               and one black walnut tree…..

I’m not living a “100 mile diet” yet by any means, but I do really enjoy growing as much variety as possible to at least produce most of my vegetables, etc. for as much of the year as possible. And I actually think I’m going to take the plunge and buy a chest freezer this week… That must mean I’m turning farmer, right?!

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  1. Months later – but that chest freezer WAS purchased and I am so glad to have this sturdy appliance purring in my back room, weighed down with some awesome produce and fruits of 2012. What a dear and real gift to choose from such a wonderful variety of all the vegetables I grew, these cold, cold days of winter.

  2. Pachamama’s amazing abundance…

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