Angels of the Morning – take a walk in the garden

You haven’t heard from me in awhile, dear readers, and the reason why is I’ve been collecting my things and finding a new home and garden in which to dwell. And once several hours of dirt digging has taken place, and some sweat on sunny days – my spirit begins to connect with the earth,…

Drunk on Spring

Oh, Colorado. Thank you for Spring. Such a tease you are.

Ode to a Barn, Spiders, and Sacred Spirals

It’s been happening for awhile now, but the full on onslaught, the riot of spring still feels a little surreal. Happening long enough that daffodils have bllossomed and have had time to dry. Still beautiful, as I see them. It’s my first spring living in this funky old house in the country – the North…

Spring Fever on Peony Lane

Nothing quite like laying on the earth with these beauties  ….. Sharing space with spring-drunk bees … And sky with budding bushes Few words to share, and that feels so peaceful. Letting the beauty of nature take over.

Diving into Flowers

I’ve been headfirst, head over heels, diving, diving into flowers. Sometimes, beautiful food-for-thought, or maybe more accurately food-for-the-heart is so delicious I forget about what’s for dinner. Like today. I am totally engulfed by their beauty! and diving in…completely… immersed and saturated, floating in light and color.

Favorite Photographs of the Year

Memories of 2013 from Pachamama’s Beautiful Food archives…from Paonia to Ft. Collins, Colorado. Thank goodness for gardens! Out of the thousands of photos I took, I hope you enjoy these mementoes. Click on the first image to view as a slideshow. I’m beginning to more earnestly focus on the Pachamama’s cookbook, going through recipes, gleaning…

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Change is beginning to charge pretty unmistakably through my life! On June 30, one entire year since I began this blog with an incredible garden by my side, I will be moving away from the North Fork Valley. I have so many feelings, thoughts, words. And then – choose it to be love. Just love….

The Promise of Plums

The promise of plums like glowing constellations spark the midday sky      

April Sun, Snowflakes and a Cup of Sweet Rose Tea

Not many words are needed for this spectacular morning on Earth. Just look, and click to enlarge – the sun shown at an angle through the delicate mounds of snow, and in several photos, captured the exquisite singular snowflakes themselves… This next is definitely a photo to enlarge – and the next two after this — please…

Snow! and Grilled Asparagus Pizza with Oregano Lemon Pesto

Nothing says spring in the kitchen like asparagus, even when it’s decided to snow again outside. Darn…. but then I walked outside. It is sooo beautiful. I took so many photos after the storm – they might find their way into a second post today. You won’t mind, will you? I love to take walks…

Spring Crepes with Fresh Goat’s Milk Yogurt and Maple Sugared Violets

A sweet dessert to stun your loved ones with the fantastic fact that it is Spring… …started out like this, here’s the Girls giving some smooches… (take a visit to Rain Crow Farm in my herbed goat cheese au poivre post): …and then into the kitchen to make a batch of tangy, luscious goat’s milk yogurt….