About Chef, Gardener, Poet Margaret Gilfoyle

Margaret Gilfoyle

   Margaret has 25 years professional cooking experience, including classical French working apprenticeship, natural foods high altitude bakery development, international and American regional cuisine menu design, banquet and catering facilitation, and was owner/chef of Crazy Mama’s Beautiful Foods catering company, specializing in vegetarian gourmet cuisine. She wrote a cooking column for the Colorado Front Range’s Healing Path Magazine and taught cooking classes for many years at Alfalfa’s Market, The Cupboard, Whole Foods Market, and cooking demos for Ft. Collins CSA Happy Heart Farm. Her path led her deeply into spiritual awareness, expansion, and assisting others with their own energetic healing process through Reiki, Shamanism, and the Breath of Light.
   She trained and received initiations from indigenous healers of Peru, Brazil and Ecuador during the last decade – her first introduction to the presence of PACHAMAMA,  Mother Earth to the Quechuan speaking people of South America. “Their traditions and beliefs in the Feminine Spirit which lived within the Earth itself rang true and deep within me.”
   Margaret lives on the edge of Fort Collins, foodie and organic/local mecca of northern Colorado in what’s affectionately called the “urban forest.” Neighbors with baby pigs and chickens are just across the fence from the huge array of raised garden beds she gets to share with her friends, and a sunny kitchen with a sweet skylight welcomes from within the house. She’s in private practice with her healing work while gardening, cooking and gratefully preserving as much of the lush abundance as she can, baking gluten free and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. The cookbook Pachamama’s Beautiful Food – Cooking with the Elements – a deliciously spiritual collection of vegetarian recipes is in the works – testing recipes, photographing, getting ready to make things happen.

12 responses to “About Chef, Gardener, Poet Margaret Gilfoyle

  1. LOVE THIS : “Cooking with love and the intention of bringing energy of peaceful joy as meals are prepared makes even the simplest cuisine and dishes very special to friends and family sitting down at your table, and assists the Earth’s energy to resonate with more love, your love.”

    • Thank you, Audrey! It’s all about Love! (Everything – not just cooking… 🙂 ) I used to teach a six week vegetarian cooking class series, each week we’d begin the class with a meditation about cooking with consciousness. LOTS of inspiration from the Buddhist teachings as well as Ecuadorian. Wake Up and Cook edited by Carole Tonkinson, Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings by the incomparable Edward Espe Brown, etc. were some of my dearest guides.

    • Good morning, Claire! Thanks so much for stopping by….well, the busyness of life ebbs and flows, and so does the “furious blogging”, don’t you know?! I’m happy for spring, and what fun awaits me in the garden…

  2. Margaret, I am a big gardener myself (organic and edible forest gardening/permaculture inspired). I also keep learning more and more about medicinal herbs, wild edibles, and eating primarily locally and in season. It’s such a different way of being in the world and feeding our body/mind/spirit that way.

    • It’s wonderful to be getting to know you! It’s a conscious and loving way of being in the world, isn’t it – feeding body/mind and spirit? Welcome! And I’m looking forward to your lovely posts in my reader too!

  3. Love your ‘about page’ and what your represent, especially as I am vegetarian 🙂 Not easy to find a publisher, but it’s not impossible either. I wish you every success 🙂

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