2017 Fort Collins Community Garden

The 2017 growing season held special appreciation for me. I made a move into a sweet condo here in Fort Collins with a wood burning fireplace 🙂 and was very fortunate to snag the very last community garden plot offered by the city in late April. These plots are incredible deals for the gardener, with a $25 dollar deposit that can be used indefinitely in subsequent years, you pay $25 as well per growing season. This minimal cost even includes the water and hoses, as well as a 10’x15′ plot – which can ONLY be gardened organically, composting bins, a large shared shed where gardeners can keep their shovels and other equipment. There are 20 individual plots in the community garden where I am. With great people to meet and share bounty and gardening woes (we did have a bunny problem, and our spring seedlings were too tempting for a few rabbits, including young uns who appeared mid summer. I erected fencing and felt semi protected… A few photos follow of some of my joys. Including radishes, peas, arugula, cilantro, dill and even fennel plants – all volunteer as a gift from last years’ gardener.


And the harvest continued. Such gratitude, such joy. I was amazed, once again, how much food can grow, out of a small space. I’m still enjoying tomato sauce, greens I blanched and froze, and honey balsamic pickled beets. Thank you, Pachamama.