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  1. plumdirt says:

    What kind is it?

    1. Hi, Plumdirt! This little guy is a Crimson Sweet Watermelon…this morning, I have to tell you, the wee melon is truly more than doubled in size! (I think he’s enjoyed all the attention…) Thanks for asking! We have a small melon kingdom here at my new home and gardens. We’re growing Ambrosia Muskmelon, Earli Dew Honeydew, a variety of cantaloupe, this Crimson Sweet watermelon, plus an heirloom “Moon and Stars” watermelon, said to have golden dots and splotches on the dark green rind – golden dots on the leaves too. This one was planted late, but is flowering now…

      1. plumdirt says:

        That sounds like a magical kingdom indeed! For all of my attempts at melons, I’ve only had success with a Tigger melon (which only grew about as large as a tennis ball.) And yet this year, my first year not trying for any melons, and I have a volunteer that hid in my strawberry patch! It’s roughly cannonball sized now and still going…a fun mystery as to the variety!

      2. Tigger melon! Aw, I love the name! What color rind does your mystery melon have? Fun! volunteer plants are such a sweet bonus…

  2. Littlesundog says:

    What a fun haiku! I think that melon would grow well here, in the searing heat of Oklahoma! Watermelon grow abundantly here… in fact many towns have Watermelon Festivals!

    1. Thanks, Littlesundog! I’d love to compare the growth spurts of Oklahoma grown and Colorado grown melons! They expand by virtual leaps and bounds, don’t they? The Watermelon Festivals sound like a great time! I must tell you I was born and grew up (until 6th grade) in Muscatine, Iowa, which made the claim of being the Watermelon Capital of the World! I just googled that claim and smiled to see many references popping up! Anyway, I think watermelon is a universal love…I hope everyone has a great season!

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