8 responses to “Haiku for a Melon

    • Hi, Plumdirt! This little guy is a Crimson Sweet Watermelon…this morning, I have to tell you, the wee melon is truly more than doubled in size! (I think he’s enjoyed all the attention…) Thanks for asking! We have a small melon kingdom here at my new home and gardens. We’re growing Ambrosia Muskmelon, Earli Dew Honeydew, a variety of cantaloupe, this Crimson Sweet watermelon, plus an heirloom “Moon and Stars” watermelon, said to have golden dots and splotches on the dark green rind – golden dots on the leaves too. This one was planted late, but is flowering now…

      • That sounds like a magical kingdom indeed! For all of my attempts at melons, I’ve only had success with a Tigger melon (which only grew about as large as a tennis ball.) And yet this year, my first year not trying for any melons, and I have a volunteer that hid in my strawberry patch! It’s roughly cannonball sized now and still going…a fun mystery as to the variety!

  1. What a fun haiku! I think that melon would grow well here, in the searing heat of Oklahoma! Watermelon grow abundantly here… in fact many towns have Watermelon Festivals!

    • Thanks, Littlesundog! I’d love to compare the growth spurts of Oklahoma grown and Colorado grown melons! They expand by virtual leaps and bounds, don’t they? The Watermelon Festivals sound like a great time! I must tell you I was born and grew up (until 6th grade) in Muscatine, Iowa, which made the claim of being the Watermelon Capital of the World! I just googled that claim and smiled to see many references popping up! Anyway, I think watermelon is a universal love…I hope everyone has a great season!

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