Favorite Photographs of the Year

Memories of 2013 from Pachamama’s Beautiful Food archives…from Paonia to Ft. Collins, Colorado. Thank goodness for gardens! Out of the thousands of photos I took, I hope you enjoy these mementoes. Click on the first image to view as a slideshow.

I’m beginning to more earnestly focus on the Pachamama’s cookbook, going through recipes, gleaning the cream of the crop. Scrolling through folder upon folder of photographs. This morning an image flashed into my mind of a fresh style, a slightly different format for the book than I have been holding. This blog has been such a gift to encourage me along the way, and the road ahead. Please wish me well on my cookbook journey! There are more recipes to share from my professional cooking and catering days, as well as my current life – these garden to table, gluten free times. The cookbook became more than a twinkle in my eye back in 2006, when I compiled my favorite original recipes from over the years of restaurants, a catering company, cooking classes and food demos into a Cooking with the Elements theme, honoring the traditional ways of my teachers from South America.

In this time of resolutions as 2013 comes down to the final minutes, let us all forge ahead through these somewhat – sometimes chaotic days with strength and groundedness. For us all to create our dreams into realities. You know I wish for everyone a beautiful new year, full of fresh local foods, a warm kitchen, a well rounded garden and good hearted people to share it all with. Blessings to you!

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  1. Lois says:

    And in honoring your intentions, I am now placing my order for your cookbook! 😉 I know I will LOVE it!

    1. Dear Lois! Bless your heart! Thank you! Well, now – that makes it official – it’s full steam ahead 🙂

  2. Sandra Akers says:

    Blessings and love to you, Margaret. I’ll definitely get that cookbook when it is published! I’m amazed at your photos and your recipes. May 2014 be your best year yet and be the fruition of all of your dreams! Sandra

    1. Oh THANK you, Sandra – this means so much! I appreciate your support and kind words. Love comes in a tumble from Colorado to you and all of YOUR new year’s dreams ❤

  3. gabegd says:

    I always love your photos and recipes. It’s great to see a collection of some of your favorites. Put me down for at least 10 copies of the cookbook. I’d be happy to volunteer as a recipe tester too.

    1. Wonderful! I’m happy to know I can count on such a discerning palate as yours to help me quality check the recipes gabegd – then buy at least 10 copies of the cookbook! You’re on!


  4. I want a copy of your cookbook for sure. So know you have one already sold! Thanks for the great pix. What fun to walk again through your year. Love and Hugs for 2014!

    1. Oh, Thank you, Roberta! That makes 13 books already sold! Thanks do much for your support, and for following my blog 🙂


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