The First Magical Ear

I am so grateful to everyone with passion. For it is passion that makes life such a rich amazement.

“Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma had an uncanny knack for corn breeding. More specifically, he excelled at selecting and saving seed from those cobs that exhibited vivid, translucent colors. Exactly how long Barnes worked on Glass Gem—how many successive seasons he carefully chose, saved, and replanted these special seeds—is unknown. But after many years, his painstaking efforts created a wondrous corn cultivar that has now captivated thousands of people around the world.”

Carl’s passion for Glass Gem corn has brought magic into our world.

I bought a package of the seeds from Native Seeds this spring. When I decided to move, I sent them to my friend across the state, to the beautiful, unique home and gardens I was to share in northern Colorado. She lovingly planted them, and on my moving day, it was such a gift to arrive and see the little plot already growing.

From there, they grew into massively tall, robust plants!

Little gem studded plot: Our tall stand of Glass Gem corn
Little gem studded plot: Our tall stand of Glass Gem corn

Come closer!

The wait has seemed interminable… but now –

 we are on the verge of discovery at long last!

the first, magical ear!
the first, magical ear!

the first, magical ear.

For me, and for many others growing this exquisite variety of corn, it seems magic. It glows like strings of tiny lights along the slender cobs!  We will be experimenting with drying corn for popping, and grinding for cornmeal – thrilled for that adventure, I will be sure to share with you!  Then, some ears will make their way into ceremonial use, and a few will decorate our doors this fall.

For much more history about this beautiful heirloom variety, link here:

I just had to share

the Second ear!

... the Second ear!
… the Second ear!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lois says:

    Truly beautiful and well worth the wait. I’ve never seen corn with green kernals before. Magical for sure!

    1. Definitely! Thank you, Lois! Many photos I’ve seen of this corn contain different colors of kernels on the same plant! Green is said to be rare… pink as well!

  2. plumdirt says:

    Wow! It does appear truly magical!

  3. Tamra Connor says:

    I have just recently found this corn, and I am in love with it! I’m in awe of it’s beauty. I’m in Oklahoma, probably one of the best places to grow it but I’m on my own and handicapped so growing it is out. Do you know if anyone sells some of their personal crops for decoration?

    1. Hello Tamra! I am in awe of the Glass Gem beauty too! I hope you find someone who is selling their crop – I don’t personally know of anyone, but they may be out there! If you are on Facebook, Glass Gem Corn has a page – you might try posting on it to ask about Oklahoma growers! Good luck!

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