Day Three : Eat Local Challenge : Glass Gem Cornmeal Pancakes and Elderberry Honey Syrup

Launching into Day Three of the Eat Local Challenge and the breakfast I made has brought me the most joy so far on this three week (and probably beyond) ride!

IMG_4805 (2)

These sweet stacks of silver dollar pancakes began their history in 2013, when I grew the magical Glass Gem corn in our garden on the eastern edge of Fort Collins. For that amazing little journey, please check out my blog post at the time – The First Magical Ear and Glass Gem Corn Grinding Day.

But just to give you an idea:

It’s so beautiful!

The corn radiates color and vibrancy! Then I dried it, and am grinding it for my flour during this eat local extravaganza. So every mouthful really has so much meaning, and history, it really charms my heart. I remember my friends helping me stake up the cornstalks because they were growing so high (about 10 feet in the air – most of them!) And I remember when the squirrels and raccoons began to discover the ripening ears, and the fences we rigged up to try to block them. And now, four years later, there’s this:


The little pancakes are so light, so nutty delicious, and gluten free. I love the Tassajara Bread Book‘s pancake recipe – substituting my Glass Gem cornmeal for the wheat flour. I halved the recipe, and made 28 silver dollar pancakes, give or take. 🙂


Here’s the cloud of egg whites from the organic, free range chicken eggs I found on Sunday – by noticing a hand written sign on a refrigerator in the LaPorte Feed Store.


And the elderberry honey syrup – I had a big bag of elderberries I’d picked around and about in Fort Collins last year with a friend, and local honey from the Sunday farmer’s market. I love the color and flavor they add – with so many immune boosting health benefits, too.


Plating these little cakes below with dabs of soft homemade butter, adding a spoon of thick, tangy goat yogurt, and drizzling the warm elderberry syrup –

IMG_4804 (2)


Oh yeah … absolutely!


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