Hail Soup and Summer 2014, Day 2

Hail yeah?  There was a whopper of a storm today. “A TERRIFIC storm,” some might say.  Heads nearly rolled! Tattered tomato plants, the potatoes even worse. Battered squash. Shredded corn leaves. Some carnage.  Matter of factly, Pachamama served up a sumptuous bowl of hail soup, as the garden reeked of decimated dill and mint and onion….

Black Bean, Zucchini Pineapple Chili

Nearly blocked off from town by closed-due-to-the-flood highways, my pioneer spirit from a past life kicked in, high gear. So grateful we are not in the immediate path of high waters, it felt like a just right day to make chili with what was on hand. Grateful for the garden – for zucchini, and jalapenos….

Broccoli, Sharp Cheddar and Five Herb Soup with Peppered Cornbread

AND NEW KITCHEN GADGETS: While in Laramie, Wyoming I happened upon several great finds in Mimi’s consignment shop – the most exciting of which is this fantastic fish cast iron muffin pan! It’s made by the company Lodge from the U.S. I’m a big fan of cast iron cookware, and have quite a few pieces…