If you cannot feed one hundred people…

The Universal language of love and compassion surely includes food, beautiful food, made with caring for those about to receive. Nourishment of the soul. When I had my catering business in Ft. Collins, Colorado a good ten years ago, I catered a big buffet Thanksgiving dinner for the spiritual center I was attending, and made an agreement to bring the leftovers to the Open Door Mission homeless shelter. They received turkey, mashed potatoes, an incredible homemade gravy, apple and vegetarian sausage stuffed miniature pumpkins, and probably a little pumpkin spiced cake roll and cranberry cheesecake as well. My son and I carried in the food to the shelter at the end of a long day catering. I remember he was really moved by what he saw, and the sense that even though we did not have a lot of extra cash sometimes, that he could help. He could do something for others in need. Some women from the spiritual center and I came back again to cook for the shelter on a designated day, and served the meal as well. I do not remember exactly what we made, but we received so many thanks, as it was high quality, carefully prepared and thoughtfully garnished offerings for them. One woman told us with a grateful smile that it was the best food she had ever had. That year, creating outrageous wedding cakes and catering receptions and events all over town on top of my full time job, I still incurred a loss for my taxes after all the expenses of the business. but during that time, and many since, we helped feed the people.

The Divine Mother speaks in an infinite mother of ways. To me, last night, on a back road in Paonia. There is always something we can do.

The Divine Mother speaks on a back road in Paonia

Blessings to all on our sacred journeys.

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