Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Creepy… or reason to cheer, if you’re a gardener.  Word Press Photo Challenge “Creepy” From September 18, 2012, Praying Mantis Encounter… “But, back to my tale at hand. I was out in the sun, sipping cider, picking green beans, when literally, I almost picked a praying mantis! Blending in with the surroundings, until I looked…

Today i walk inside a peony

Today i walk inside a peony she is calling me– this beautiful flower, i hear her amongst morning sounds of waking birds and wind and her fragrance plays a song which opens my heart i breathe and her song becomes a balm of light entering my body i climb this soft path into creation i…

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Beginnings

Bee – ginnings. Pollination. Plants. Food. Life. We need bees, truly, for new beginnings. In the circle of life, they are key. Blessings to the bees – please support them. Greenpeace Petition to save the honeybees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Peeling back husks from the very first heirloom Glass Gem ear of corn out of the garden revealed THIS inside: Treasure.