Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Creepy… or reason to cheer, if you’re a gardener. 

Word Press Photo Challenge “Creepy”

From September 18, 2012, Praying Mantis Encounter

“But, back to my tale at hand. I was out in the sun, sipping cider, picking green beans, when literally, I almost picked a praying mantis! Blending in with the surroundings, until I looked a bit closer!

And, as you can see, the mantis had captured and begun to dine on an unwary grasshopper. Though a bit graphic in this particular pose with the beheaded grasshopper, praying mantises are truly a gardener’s friend. As I craned in to get a closer look, the mantis swiveled it’s head slowly to look right back at me.

I had to marvel at the cavalier look of it’s front leg thrown casually around the grasshopper, whom I must tell you was infrequently still limply kicking one leg. Oh my. Dinner was just a few thoughts in the back of my head then, but I have to say I cheered quietly for my mantis friend, and how it was contributing to the well-being of the garden.”

I loved this Creepy post too, from Beauty Along the Road – with more photos of the enigma of Praying Mantis 🙂


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