Glory oh Morning Glory!

the pure faces of the morning glory

Pachamama’s beauty sustains the heart. The morning glory, opening with the light of dawn – feels like a direct link to the Creator, the Universal Source Love flowing within all life – through this portal of nature… take some moments….look with me.

Are you not positive yet? Please, look closer:

It is the Light of the heavens, on earth
Breathe in this beauty, it sustains your heart
Star of Heaven on Earth

let the outer world fall away

Dive in, with your eyes, your heart, explore the expansiveness possible… click on this last photo, then take some time to gaze within the flower’s center. Yes.

Explore beyond …..

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  1. I hereby declare you my sister! My writing photo-poetry started in 2009 with the photos of this blue morning glory (ipomoea tricolor). Its lightgiving centre has no equals in nature, and I’, very happy you discovered it the way I did and still admire. I wrote many times about my adventures with the MGlory.

    1. 🙂 !! I have loved morning glories since childhood, and became entranced even more when I grew them several years ago – the blooms larger than any I’d seen before! I would go out in the morning when the sun warmed the buds to flare open, and then just wanted to climb in.The energy at the centers is so pure, to me represents the divine…

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