The Garden – Habitat of Love

July 27 garden

After being on the road for 2 plus weeks, I was greeted by a garden much wilder and more lush than when I left! So many surprises!

The sunflowers by the garden gate had burst into bloom

Strawberries sending out dozens of new runners – carrot and beet patches like miniature forests, potatoes thronging alongside the gourds, pole beans weaving themselves along the fence, white sage and sweetgrass accepting my prayers, collards still reaching towards the sky…

“mysterious and beguiling” gourd bloom
And the corn is about 10 feet tall! Silk and ears popping out everywhere

The leeks are chubbier, the yellow, green and purple string beans needing to be picked!

My favorite morning glories glowing in the morning light…
my winter vision of the garden coming true
upon closer look the pole beans are coming on alongside the corn!
and five thriving watermelons popping into reality
baby butternut squashes underneath new watermelon flowers
white pumpkin blooms
Not long before we taste the first sweet corn!

The variety is an organic bi-color called “Luscious!” I really cannot believe how TALL it grew in two weeks.

corn flowers against the morning sky

I heard the bees above me, craned my neck and saw them all over the corn tassels gathering nectar. Look close and you can spot several!

Scarlet Nantes = beautiful carrots

I’m so grateful for these amazing plants. They are truly miracles in my eyes!

You can virtually SEE the life force in these carrots and beets!
solid heads of cabbage in the sun

After some much needed weeding and further exploring it was time for breakfast. Yukon gold potatoes from the garden, crisp and so tender. The plants grew so tall they fell over, kinda scraggly over the ground, but the taters themselves are wonderful.

into the hot cast iron pan with butter and pepper
a few minutes later I sat down to eat

While I ate and tasted the first tomatoes – Moby Grape, Sun Golds and Yellow Pear, I contemplated the day ahead. I knew more pickles were in my plans, and I also knew that 2012 would NOT be remembered for having any shortage of pickles. Whatsoever. In fact, if you are on my gift list, you can be sure a quart of the Famous Tickled Pickles will making their way to your pantry.

plenty o’ pickles

See my post The Pickle Chronicles for full recipe if you’d like to make these truly exceptional kosher dills. Then, it was time to pick and freeze some string beans –

tri color beauties after washing
making sure all are steamed perfectly

camera catching some steam…

and bagging for the freezer
the lush jumble of the garden overtaking my heart

Then it’s back to the garden, where vision becomes, incredibly beautiful (in my eyes) edible reality. And here you’ll likely find me, in this habitat of Love…

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