The Magic of Looking Closely

I stepped out of my warm dry house early this morning and encountered Love. We have many dwellings –

we have many dwellings – and one Earth home

and one Earth home.  Whom is, in so many places, still exquisitely beautiful. Like here –

still blooming, bright beacons on this rainy day

colors of a fleeting dream

bending down close – the strawberry patch

droplets of rain studding clover like beads

flowerettes of broccoli October 13

gratitude to Mother Earth – Pachamama

sparkling magenta – so beautiful!

strung along the branch like gemstones – the Magic of looking closely

through the tall stand of stalks, leeks still in the earth

small dried ear of corn like a little bird….

lush, wet fall morning – close up

The stalwart gnome with his great pots of crystals smiles through every season

chokecherry leaves gleam

rain touseled lambs ear plus a single lilac leaf

the magic of symmetry

looking closely

angles of light and shadow

Stepping out into the wet morning today was a flooding into all my senses. The incredible layers of scents and smells of herbs, ripe grapes, wood smoke and those unmistakable fallen leaves….the whirring and calling of many birds all in tune with the news of my backyard smorgasbord – vines sagging with ripe clusters of grapes, sunflower seed heads, elderberries and scattered seeds in the garden… robins, orioles, cedar waxwings, towhees, starlings, flickers, sparrows, chickadees, juncos…. their photo timing so fleeting but the joy still filled my heart as they gulped grapes, cracked sunflower seeds, lined up and into changing positions of readiness on the phone wire, swooping off in different directions through chilly air, sometimes seemingly unaware of me, their wings flapping so near my ears. Then I was left to look closely, at these gifts of this season, drenched with water from a day and night of rain storm. In midst of the turmoil and chaos in the world, there was grace. Here, was beauty. Here, Nature emulated unity and acceptance. And I was grateful, this morning, for that.

8 responses to “The Magic of Looking Closely

    • Thanks so much for reading. Yes, my broccoli plants are huge, and undaunted by aphids, etc. this year! So grateful. It is so nice to go out and still be able to find a handful of these baby flowerettes. I’m thinking of experimenting with the tender leaves before a hard freeze really finishes them off.

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