Spuds of Joy!

Big smile.

Spuds of Joy
Spuds of Joy

The first potatoes of the season are here!

I decided to cheer up and dig a little. The hail storm I wrote about a few weeks ago TRULY pummeled the potato plants, their big dark leaves ripped and stems scarred all over. Five of them continued to wither, then finally dried up. I felt I had to forge ahead, and move beyond my garden sorrows. So when I pulled up the dead remains and dug in deep, I was overjoyed to see how much had taken place beneath the soil those months before the storm hit. All was not lost!

So let the celebration begin!

Tonight, there’s going to be a roasting.
Freshly scrubbed potatoes, browned in all the right places, matched with the glorious scent of browned butter, and rosemary, and garlic in the air.

Or then again, maybe they will be mashed…with chevre and fresh picked basil.
Shredded, for potato pancakes?
It’s hard to go wrong, and today, it really doesn’t matter. I’m just so grateful there’s one more reason to smile.

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    1. Heyyyy, plumdirt! What, oh please, would you make with your first potatoes of the season??!

      1. plumdirt says:

        I’d simply slice them thinly and saute until not quite crisp. Or quarter them, cook them in a pan with garlic and herbs and squeeze lemon at the end…or…too many choices!

      2. Mmmmmm, these sound so good! I agree, soo many choices! Last night I went with the mashers with goat cheese and fresh basil…. a bit of cream …. oh my! heaven…

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