My New Farmhouse Kitchen

My spirit has pulled me this way and that in the last year or so. And I find myself, now, back home again. In the valley. Just outside Paonia, Colorado.

the view from here -

the view from here – in the North Fork Valley just outside Paonia, Colorado, my back yard

It’s a little bit like heaven on earth. And a bit of a story, too.

a little bit like heaven on earth

a little bit like heaven on earth

The short version is, my heart won out over – logic? We will see, as time goes by. But I look at my promptings, the steps along the way, as synchronistic gifts. What do you think? Take a peek at my new environs. Doesn’t this just RADIATE Pachamama’s Beautiful Food all over??

I pray this magic kitchen will inspire me, and be the place where I see my cookbook published. It feels so good, I love to hang out here, and cook and cook, and cook. New recipes coming soon, I promise.

Today I awoke before dawn, memories of my housewarming party last night tumbling through my head, the sound of rain tapering off from the eaves, and crickets. I still have to blink, several times, and maybe even pinch myself, how quickly this all happened, and that here I am, back, all unpacked, in this beautiful, quirky, inspirational town. Back where I belong.

7 responses to “My New Farmhouse Kitchen

  1. welcome back! 🙂 i’m in carbondale. i just took my first trip to paonia last week – fell totally in love. your abode is so precious, just like you. i imagine our paths will cross at some point, now that you’re so close! 😉

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