Ode to a Barn, Spiders, and Sacred Spirals

It’s been happening for awhile now, but the full on onslaught, the riot of spring still feels a little surreal. Happening long enough that daffodils have bllossomed and have had time to dry. Still beautiful, as I see them. It’s my first spring living in this funky old house in the country – the North…

Plums – under a rain soaked sky

I have been eating. Truly. I have been thinking about recipes, and making them, and then sitting down somewhere and actually eating them. But my recent move – back to the countryside ’round Paonia, Colorado from the city, has added fullness and textures and people that are being juggled, and huggled, sifted and arranged. I…

My New Farmhouse Kitchen

My spirit has pulled me this way and that in the last year or so. And I find myself, now, back home again. In the valley. Just outside Paonia, Colorado. It’s a little bit like heaven on earth. And a bit of a story, too. The short version is, my heart won out over –…

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Street Life

Cherry Days Parade in Paonia, Colorado – July 4th heading down Orchard Avenue towards town park. Street Life at it’s finest. You’ve gotta love it. Small Town Beautiful. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Zephyro’s Farm and Garden

The Promise of Plums

The promise of plums like glowing constellations spark the midday sky      

Spring Crepes with Fresh Goat’s Milk Yogurt and Maple Sugared Violets

A sweet dessert to stun your loved ones with the fantastic fact that it is Spring… …started out like this, here’s the Girls giving some smooches… (take a visit to Rain Crow Farm in my herbed goat cheese au poivre post): …and then into the kitchen to make a batch of tangy, luscious goat’s milk yogurt….

Welcoming Bees … in the Apricot Blossoms

There is always something to be grateful for. The heady buzzing, dizzying swoop and impulses of bees. I stand near the apricot blossoms, opening today in April 3rd sun, and the bees navigate instinctively, intently, all around me, paying me no mind. What is it like, guided by scent and temperature through the world? Diaphanous whir…

A Fervent Planting Day, Spring Altar, and Persian Soup

A wildness is coursing through my veins, bucking winter out of nooks and crannies with a single minded purpose. Get out in that dirt, and start digging. When I did, I immediately unearthed three carrots from last fall – they were crisp, and looked so inviting I came back inside, kicked off my shoes, and ate…

Little Signs, Pachamama and the Smell of Spring

Pachamama, we can only witness  —  your inspirations welling up green and bright when light stirs you fragrant into spring. Overheard rhetorical question in the tiny Paonia post office this morning, a 55 degree day before another winter storm tonight: “Spring is on it’s way – eventually, right?” And then the rugged questioner turned, gray bearded and smiling,…

Bee Heaven, Elderberry Syrup, and a Sunrise Smoothie

When I first visited this amazing Paonia, Colorado home in July of 2011, and was taken into the back yard, I fell in love. The grape bower made of old tree limbs, with a shady alcove to sit underneath -looking out at a rich garden plot beyond. And the towering bushes framing the garden, were loaded, LOADED with elderberries….