A Swirl, a Stack, a Plateful of Memories! or “I Love My Home, Planet Earth”

The bonds of friends live on in our hearts – sometimes, especially when we also have a memory of those last foods we prepared or shared together. Today I came across a bright sheaf of photos from the week before I moved from the North Fork Valley. Living to CELEBRATE WHAT IS – I simply have to acknowledge that my memory is alive with how much my community means to me. Wherever I am, you – my community – are with me. Comrades of long ago, you linger, mingling with new friends just met tonight.  Just as we lingered, over tables, the stove, our plates and gardens, laughter ringing out – new communities form. Our hearts feeling it. On the planet together with bonds that remain. Carried through these transition times, these revolving, evolving doors of life with love. And good food, of course.

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  1. “on the planet together with bonds that remain”….. yes

    1. We are bonded, Caterina! I love you, Sister-Friend!

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