Double Coconut Chocolate Brownies on a Perfect Fall Day

Now I truly don’t know which is better. These double coconut chocolate brownies, or this perfect fall day. I’ll let you decide. Go on. Sit yourself down and try one. There’s coffee, too, dark Italian roast from Steaming Bean out of Telluride. In French Limoges Haviland third generation china cups, on the old front porch….

Coconut Rice, Peach and Ginger Dessert Spring Rolls

Roll #2. A smash hit at a birthday potluck badminton croquet party in the park yesterday. DESSERT spring rolls, delicious, with a spicy fruity dipping sauce to go with. What a beautiful day it was….it truly is finally spring time here in Paonia. Spring ROLL time. I’ve been on a spring roll roll the last…