Coconut Rice, Peach and Ginger Dessert Spring Rolls

Roll #2. A smash hit at a birthday potluck badminton croquet party in the park yesterday. DESSERT spring rolls, delicious, with a spicy fruity dipping sauce to go with. What a beautiful day it was….it truly is finally spring time here in Paonia. Spring ROLL time.

Coconut Rice Spring Rolls with Elderberry Sriracha Dipping Sauce
Coconut Rice Spring Rolls with Elderberry Sriracha Dipping Sauce

I’ve been on a spring roll roll the last few days, and had the fun idea for these when I couldn’t sleep one night. I took the Thai style dessert of coconut rice and mangos to a slightly more local level with sliced Paonia peaches from the deep freeze, added fresh chopped ginger and plenty of toasted organic coconut. I love to cook with what grows in these parts, (the North Fork Valley of Colorado, that is) and especially if it’s from my own backyard. I wanted to offer a dipping sauce, and had a jar of homemade elderberry honey syrup that I spiked with reduced-down-to-it’s-very-thickest-tartest-level peach juice, and, naturally – Sriracha, Vietnamese hot sauce. If you happened to see my last post on spring rolls, you know I love it. By the way, did you know Lay’s Potato Chips has a Sriracha flavor?! Haven’t tried them….have you?

This Sriracha comes without warning in a rich purple fruit sauce on a dessert platter. And it’s so good. The mint isn’t quite big enough yet to pick and garnish with, so I plucked a few lemon balm sprigs to garnish the plate.

You could use mangoes – I know they will be tasty. And you could make a blueberry, or blackberry sauce instead of elderberry….my bushes were absolutely FULL with so many elderberries  (see here, and find the recipe for elderberry honey syrup) last fall that between me and the birds and giving away to friends, I still froze 5 or 6 quarts.

Coconut Rice, Peach and Ginger Dessert Spring Rolls - with Spicy Elderberry Dipping Sauce and Lemon Balm
Coconut Rice, Peach and Ginger Dessert Spring Rolls – with Spicy Elderberry Dipping Sauce and Lemon Balm

The coconut rice, made with sticky sushi rice, cold pressed coconut oil and a dollop of honey, is perfect in these fresh spring rolls. And you’ve got a gluten free dessert that really will receive raves. These did!

Coconut Rice, Peach and Ginger Dessert Spring Rolls

Makes 9 or 10 spring rolls, perfect sliced in half for a party.

  • 1 c. dry sushi rice
  • 2 c. water
  • 1/4 – 1/3 c. quality cold pressed coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp. or to taste honey

Bring rice in water to boil in a medium uncovered saucepan. Lower heat to simmer, cover, and cook rice – about 20 minutes, until tender. Stir in coconut oil and honey, and set aside.

  • 3 – 4 c. sliced peaches, or mangoes (nectarines would be lovely, too!)
  • 1/4 c. finely chopped fresh ginger
  • 2 c. toasted dried coconut (unsweetened)
  • 9-10 sheets (or until the ingredients run out) round rice paper

Assemble all the ingredients at your kitchen work space. In a wide flat cake pan, or other dish, pour in about an inch of warm water. Soak one sheet of rice paper at a time, a minute or two, until very pliable. Rice paper, though tender at this state, is remarkably durable. Lift from the water, and assemble like this (I made a little “trough” in the rice to hold the peaches – mine were frozen/thawed):

the innards - coconut rice, peaches, fresh ginger and toasted coconut
the innards – coconut rice, peaches, fresh ginger and toasted coconut

– then roll up burrito style, folding the ends over the filling “log”, then, beginning closest to you, roll up and over the filling, tucking everything tightly, until the roll is complete.

Make a fruit sauce by simmering (with a little water), mashing and straining your Purple (or otherwise) Fruit Of Choice, 2 or 3 cups worth, adding honey to taste ( at least a 1/4 cup or so,  and a few drops of Sriracha, Sambal Oleek, or other Asian hot sauce. Lift, dip and enjoy! more look...
….one more look…

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  1. Littlesundog says:

    These look so lovely. Nice photos… I can’t wait to try these!

    1. Thanks so much – they were really delicious! The coconut rice is irresistible! Let me know how they turned out!

  2. gabegd says:

    Would have loved to be in the kitchen for a taste test. They look awesome. Sounds like a great party in the park.

    1. Ah, yes! A quality control expert! Thanks Gabegd! I think they would have “hit the spot!” A nice party, it’s been a while since I played badminton 🙂

  3. leroywatson4 says:

    WOW! This is so unique and the flavours sounds delicious. Looking forward to giving it a try. Thanks for sharing Margaret.

    1. Thanks, Leroy! They are unexpected and very tasty! After I posted, I did an online search for dessert spring rolls, and was surprised how many there are! Many that were fried, a lot with bananas. I didn’t spot any quite like this version – let me know if you try them!

      1. leroywatson4 says:

        Will do Margaret! Peace and Light, lee and janex

      2. That’s right, your name is Lee! Blessings to you and Jane!

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