Entranced by the Bees

I found myself totally entranced with this photo after I uploaded it. With the beautiful bee, his pollen sacs bulging with the bright morning’s work at the elderberry flowers. The bushes and absolute throngs of bees are just by your head and shoulders, walking back into the garden. Early morning, the flower scent heavy, all that you hear is the buzzing of hundreds of bees, the calls of mourning doves, twitter of chickadees and the jovial whir of hummingbirds. That and the immense, quiet Love surrounding you. The bees focus is so intent, purposeful. They move with an incredible inwardly guided direction, so quickly, spontaneously. Aligning with it is a gift. Last fall, my first season at this house and garden, there was an amazing harvest of elderberries, laden luxuriously on their branches. I made a delicious syrup with local honey, and we’d take shots of it to boost our immune systems early winter. Blessing the bees.

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