Angels of the Morning – take a walk in the garden

You haven’t heard from me in awhile, dear readers, and the reason why is I’ve been collecting my things and finding a new home and garden in which to dwell. And once several hours of dirt digging has taken place, and some sweat on sunny days – my spirit begins to connect with the earth,…

Spring Fever on Peony Lane

Nothing quite like laying on the earth with these beauties  ….. Sharing space with spring-drunk bees … And sky with budding bushes Few words to share, and that feels so peaceful. Letting the beauty of nature take over.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Beginnings

Bee – ginnings. Pollination. Plants. Food. Life. We need bees, truly, for new beginnings. In the circle of life, they are key. Blessings to the bees – please support them. Greenpeace Petition to save the honeybees

The Refuge of a Pumpkin Flower

When the beauty one encounters is so vast it defies description, I wonder if my heart, beaming strongly through these words is enough to portray why witnessing the refuge of a pumpkin flower awakened me?

Welcoming Bees … in the Apricot Blossoms

There is always something to be grateful for. The heady buzzing, dizzying swoop and impulses of bees. I stand near the apricot blossoms, opening today in April 3rd sun, and the bees navigate instinctively, intently, all around me, paying me no mind. What is it like, guided by scent and temperature through the world? Diaphanous whir…

Bee Heaven, Elderberry Syrup, and a Sunrise Smoothie

When I first visited this amazing Paonia, Colorado home in July of 2011, and was taken into the back yard, I fell in love. The grape bower made of old tree limbs, with a shady alcove to sit underneath -looking out at a rich garden plot beyond. And the towering bushes framing the garden, were loaded, LOADED with elderberries….

Entranced by the Bees

I found myself totally entranced with this photo after I uploaded it. With the beautiful bee, his pollen sacs bulging with the bright morning’s work at the elderberry flowers. The bushes and absolute throngs of bees are just by your head and shoulders, walking back into the garden. Early morning, the flower scent heavy, all…