Collard greens and andouille sausage with black eyed peas

For company last night, an impromptu delicious meal with collards and new potatoes from the garden.

We started out with a glass of local Black Bridge Winery Chardonnay. These are my family’s heirloom crystal goblets. I remember family holiday dinners across the table from my twin sister Mary, tipping up these glasses as we’d drink our milk, viewing the world in bright blue.

Black Bridge Winery Chardonnay with the family heirloom goblets!

I had plenty of collard greens from three humongous plants which courageously overwintered here and have grown up into flower.

the hearty overwintered collard plants

And a handful of the first potatoes of  my 2012 garden, sliced and sauteed (in butter) with a thinly sliced onion and very tasty, medium spiced chicken/turkey andouille sausage from Applegate. I packed the collards into the pot with a splash of water and squeezed on the lid. Meantime, I simmered black eyed peas – organic and wonderful from Stahlbush Island Farms, out of Corvallis, Oregon, find them in the frozen foods section of health food markets.      The North Fork Valley of Colorado where I live is successfully growing anasazi, pinto and black beans – just fantastic! And the finished dish… with a nice spiciness –

the finished dish

Followed with fresh organic local apricots and cherries…and Pamela’s gluten free lemon shortbread cookies….

local apricots and cherries with lemon shortbread cookies

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