Garden Party!

Pachamama loves color! This bright wheel of steamed garden delights was simply drenched in fresh lemon, basil and dill vinaigrette and spun off to a garden party a couple of nights ago.


This is my first post from the WordPress for iPhone app! So it will be short and sweet. My times in the kitchen have been carefree and easy the last couple of days. Yesterday it was a delicious blast from my past making tempeh “tuna” salad stuffed tomatoes:

Tempeh “Tuna” Salad
Steam sliced tempeh for about ten minutes on medium high. Cool slightly and crumble into a bowl or mash with a fork. Add chopped dill pickle, chives and celery if desired. Pepper well. Blend in two rounded tablespoons Veganaise (my preferred brand of dairy and egg-free mayonnaise) or to taste, a bit of stoneground mustard if you like, then serve in a fresh tomato – Early Girl pictured here – or in halved, hollowed cucumbers, romaine lettuce, or on buttered toast. Mmmmmm….summer.

After dinner I took a walk close to dusk.
It’s a beautiful world.


the sky-bowl in purple orange rainbow glory

I finished my walk after talking with a friend, our faces turned toward this amazing sky, when the lightning split the tranquility into that hair raising electrical lift, a little later slightly wet I shot into the house. Wishing you well this weekend! Let’s see how the post posts!!

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  1. Loving the look of your salad – so fresh and colourful, and I bet it was tasty too !

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