Late Summer in the Garden

Even after the sun
rises, Orion you watch,
silent over me

I was up before dawn, with the moon and constellations glowing, in a beautiful hot springs with steam rising all around me. The sky lightened and day gave way. Away from home for a short time… Grateful to be there, happy to be back home.

The garden still has many treasures. Some, like the leeks, the butternut squash and gourds, are first time crops for me, so anticipation is high and what recipes to make still in the backburner of my mind. For now it is harvesting green beans, tomatoes, more green (and yellow wax plus burgundy) beans, plums, the onslaught of grapes and more elderberries, feeling waves of overwhelming-ness at times, when the harvest  fills the kitchen.  I bought a small chest freezer last week, which bolstered me greatly, I’m excited to have this addition to make the absolute most out of this amazing 2012 garden. Today I’m drying plums and tomatoes. I made two kinds of salsa, a red tomato salsa with smoked sweet paprika (from Over the Moon in Telluride) and roasted poblano chilies, and a yellow Lemon Boy tomato and roast corn, onion and serrano chili salsa. I blanched and froze two more quarts of green beans, and one of broccoli… catching up, catching up, for another wave to come! Like a surfer, you have to be ready to meet the crest in gardening, vegetables cascading over you in dreams.

Here are some of the special views I’m seeing now. Until tomorrow, when lettuces and chard will be planted, and the landscape changes again.

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  1. What a treat – the slide show has my morning wake-up mouth watering with great dinner ideas!

  2. Thank you for reading my blog, Roberta! Whatcha making for dinner??

  3. Alice says:

    I grew some bottle neck gourds this year. Well, they are only about 2 inches yet, and I fear winter will get them. I discovered tho–even in this failure–I love the blossoms and the softness of the vines. They are velvety–not prickly like most. Gentle summer leaves and blooms.

    1. Yes, the beauty of the plant and flowers are worth the growing! I hope you’ll get some good sized gourds before it frosts! I’m looking forward to creating with them this winter.

  4. plumdirt says:

    What a fun mix of plants, with the strawberry saying hello to the carrots, the berries above the melon…and is it just me, or does that pie pumpkin look friendly?

    1. You are an astute oberver, plumdirt! Yes, this pie pumpkin is quite jovial….if she did not have SUCH a time trying to gad about the garden, she’d be chatting it up with all the vegetables…

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