Quick Bites: Gingersnap Ginger Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer time. It’s so lovely.

Ah... summer time
Ah… summer time

Lovely  – and hot. I was thinking of quick bites for tomorrow’s gathering with my Colorado family, and the inspiration for homemade ice cream sandwiches popped into my head. Well, not quite homemade. I love Mi Del brand gluten free gingersnap cookies, and if you’ve ever had them, I’ll bet you do too. And everybody has their favorite ice cream – be it old fashioned dairy based, coconut, hemp, etc! I softened my French vanilla ice cream just slightly, then kneaded in some very finely chopped fresh ginger, and pressed these awesome little delights together in no time. Having a scattering of minced ginger still on the cutting board, I decided to dip one side of the sandwiches into it, then freeze them all on a baking sheet. Candied ginger would also be fun, wouldn’t it?

Now I’m very excited!

the luscious field of gingersnap ice cream sandwiches
the luscious field of gingersnap ice cream sandwiches

The amazing thing about these ice cream sandwiches is, after a short time in the freezer, the ginger snaps let just a little of that spicy sweet ginger vanilla ice cream sink in, so you have a crunchiness on the outside, softened deliciousness on the inside.

 Luckily there were a couple I deemed “extra” for this little photo shoot.

 You know what I found out?

No matter where I set this irresistible dish – with the ice cream sandwiches and their peachy companions – they looked every bit as good as the last place. Maybe it’s time to try them!

And may summer time find you – in many moments of joy.

I remember another dessert recipe I put together a year or so ago – with ginger, and peaches – don’t you think they are a fine combination? Anyway, maybe you’d also like to try my coconut rice, peach and ginger dessert spring rolls !

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