They’re here! Pachamama’s Beautiful Food Limited Edition Note Card Sets

If you’ve been following along on my winding path of food and beauty and Pachamama for awhile, you know I love to take photographs. I meandered slowly through countless images of my days outside in the garden and on this earth, and decided last month to have some printed up as cards.

Today I’ve been spending some sweet down time packaging them all up into sets. Living in this tiny town and rural area of southwestern Colorado, I’ve collected my packaging materials over the last few weeks on forays out of the area, and am happy and relieved it all came together today.

Pachamama's Beautiful Food "In the Garden" notecard sets
Pachamama’s Beautiful Food “In the Garden” notecard sets

One set, IN THE GARDEN”, eight favorite photographs from the last two year’s gardens are printed on blank note cards. Dear reader, you may even remember some of these from blog posts past.

In the Garden note card mosaic
In the Garden 8 Note Card Set ~ Photography by Margaret Gilfoyle

Inspired by the stunning world around us, and this poem:

In the Garden

within this moment
winging inside
a conscious rhythm surfaces
in birdsong
our breath
tree shadows
our hearts
green dappled light
tomato leaf and garlic scent
dirt and water
the steps we take
earth on our knees
the whole Universe
inside us
dreams become real
a star bursts in daylight
the seven sisters whirl
across the heavens
and tree roots move
very slowly
deeper as our path
reunites with the Mother

Here’s a close up detail – an itsy bitsy crab spider caught in the morning sun on a red clover flower:

crab spiders spotted on red clover

Cards are 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″ with a lovely soft matte finish on card stock, blank inside, for your own inspirations to be written. Envelopes too. Perfect for your garden loving friends and family! Wouldn’t someone you know – cherish this Gourd blossom’s eye view of the garden?

Gourd blossom's eye view of the garden
Gourd blossom’s eye view of the garden


Then I have a slightly different version. Ten beautiful garden photos, two each in this “IN THE GARDEN” set.

In the Garden 10 pack notecard set, two each of each photo
In the Garden 10 pack notecard set, two each of each photo


And then, this.

A ten card set of Light filled nature images, two each of the photos below

Moments of Light 10 note card set, two each of these photos
Moments of Light 10 note card set, two each of these photos

O’ Pachamama Lovers! These are for you!

To purchase, please link to this page on my site (and pay through PayPal).

In this world there are so many beautiful moments. I like to celebrate them, celebrate our incredible world, celebrate life! Wishing you moments of joy, today and always.

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    1. Thank you so much, upsidediy! I had a wonderful time reveling in the details of gardens, forests and the countryside with my camera. We live on an incredible planet!

      1. upsidediy says:

        Indeed we do! I was just talking about how amazing this earth is. So much to explore and see.

      2. Have a wondrous time with your explorations, and thank you for stopping by!

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