On Summer Solstice

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On Summer Solstice
Let there be a ceremony of Light in our hearts.
Let our bodies move like sunflowers
turn … turn, turning towards sun so there is this refracting, impossible burst, receiving, receiving it,
and then
Light bends,
through deep recess, hiding places, stoney blocks of our histories:
just like that
flat out shining bright into the world – a quiet, uncontained triumph.
Like Stonehenge
Like Chaco Canyon
Malta and Hagar Qim
merging with the Ancestors, Sky Lovers
in their dance with the sun.
The bold planets keep swooping and swaying around us
exquisitely choreographed, a splendid cycle –
impossibly brilliant and true
One more precious year.
Like you.
Let there be a ceremony of Light in our hearts!

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