Solstice Leaning Winter Party – with a recipe for Chipotle Orange Chocolate Truffles

One of the best parts about this season is my heart annually itches to throw a party. To celebrate the Light that we are, in midst of this time of greatest darkness of the year.

Light … lots of Light … and open hearts

Can you believe I am still catching up with posts I began last year?

Yes, these glorious truffles were made for a solstice party while I still lived in that sweet, drafty old farmhouse with the huge kitchen in Paonia, Colorado, (you faithful readers might remember -) surrounded by organic cherry, peach, pear and apple orchards. What a grand time of celebrating it was….

But let’s zero in, today, and focus on one of this gatherings greatest hits. The fabulous homemade truffles. Fetchingly garnished with dried Serrano peppers from a friends’ garden, and a lengthy coil of orange peel.

Excellent during these cold winter months. And very welcome as a gift.

Chipotle Orange Chocolate Truffles

Oh. Yes. This glorious pile was completely gone when the last guest had gone home.

Or was it me who ate the last truffle, in a post Light and Laughter haze? No one truly knows. But I guarantee your loved ones will delight in each truffles’ surprising tingle of chili heat and mellow, chocolate orange flavors. Use the darkest chocolate for maximum smiles.

Chipotle Orange Chocolate Truffles

Makes about 36 3/4 inch round truffles, give or take

  • 10 ounces lovely dark chocolate, chopped, or use quality bittersweet chocolate chips
  • 1/2 c. organic half and half cream, whipping cream (or almond, or hemp milk**)
  • 1  1/2 or tangerine zest
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp. ground chipotle powder (taste, then taste again!)
  • 1 c. (approximately) cocoa, sifted

Bring cream and zest to simmer over medium heat in a mid-sized saucepan. Add chocolate to cream, whisking constantly, remove from heat. Whisk in chipotle powder.Cool in refrigerator, whisking occasionally, pulling the whisk from the pan before it solidifies – and take your privilege of sampling the truffle mix like a happy child, licking straight from the whisk with a holiday-ish smiley indulgence. Sharing as may happen with kitchen passerby. When the mixture is really quite chilled, use a teaspoon, melon baller or tiny scoop to scoop up small chunks – and here is where you can get messy – I love this part. Chocolaty messy. Roll the truffles as needed in your palms, then place them back into the pan. When you’ve rolled them all, chill once more for a few minutes. Remove from the refrigerator then roll all of the truffles – plunk!! – into the bowl of sifted cocoa.

**Note, if you choose to make a vegan truffle with almond or hemp milk, you will discover the truffles will soften in room temperature surroundings. Those made with dairy half and half cream hold up well out of the refrigerator, and those made with whipping cream remain even more firm. If you choose, adding 2 or 3 more ounces of chocolate helps the vegan truffle retain solidity.

You may like to make my Cabernet Chocolate Truffles too …. after all …. who doesn’t love chocolate truffles? 🙂

Then step outside, and breathe in the joy of the season.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. hey there!
    how are you doing? it’s been a while since we have spoken… are you still living in the valley? i have moved, but i do miss the lifestyle up there and think of you from time to time, as i always enjoyed our discussions about food and farming and the like. happy holidays, i hope you and yours have a great season!

    1. Hello Audrey! Noooo …. I have moved too …. at the end of April. I do miss Paonia. This post was written in a bit of nostalgia, as I made these truffles last for a winter solstice party in the old farmhouse last year. Happy holidays to you! Where did you move? (I’m up in Fort Collins now.)

      1. hey margaret!
        i moved way out east, to north carolina, as i greatly missed the water. the western slope has so much beauty, but no ocean. when did you move to foco? i hope you are enjoying it. sending good vibes to you and yours. 🙂

      2. I understand! Enjoy your life by the water! I’ve been up in Fort Collins for 7 months now. I do miss Paonia – went back for a longish visit … they had an INCREDIBLE fruit year this past season, and I missed it!

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