2017 Greeting Cards for You :: “Earth Altars”, “The Magic of Looking Closely” and “First Light”

Two of my greatest joys are photographing nature and creating seasonal altars. (Not to mention gardening and cooking!) With such gratitude for this beautiful planet on which we live.

See this season’s choices for two 5 X 7 inch greeting card sets, plus a very special holiday card, curated from a wonderful time singling out some favorite photographs. Each card is produced on lovely glossy card stock, and is blank inside for writing your own inspirational message. Card sets include envelopes.

Earth Altars Card Set 

12 card set: 3 each of these four images – altars I created for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, taken at the Full Moon Shamanic Journey Circles I lead most every month here in Colorado. Perfect for the person who honors and celebrates the spirituality of nature and our precious earth.

IMG_1894 (2)

IMG_1659 (2)

059 (2)

025 (4)

The Magic of Looking Closely Card Set

10 card set: 2 each of these five images, discovered in and around the garden, where light and creation are celebrated with each glance, each beautiful card. When you look closely, you are nearly there, bending down, smelling the fragrance of the living, growing planet.

051 (2)

054 (2)


IMG_4207 (2)


First Light Holiday Card Set

10 card set of this very special image. January 1st of 2017, I arose before dawn and drove up to Horsetooth Reservoir, in the foothills west of Fort Collins, Colorado. I hiked up a rocky hill, and gazed about me, looking east – for the first ray of sun in the new year. This image – is that moment. Perfect to celebrate the winter holidays and special dates – and the Light. Cards are blank inside for your own special message to be written.


Pre-Order Now – the first round of cards are due here by October 19!
Supplies are limited! NOTE! If you are local Fort Collins resident and wish to pay in person, please write or call to reserve your sets, and we may make arrangements for pick-up.

Earth Altars Card Set
12 5 X 7 cards and envelopes, 3 each of 4 images  $24 + $5 S&H Small Buy Now Button

The Magic of Looking Closely Card Set
10 5 X 7 cards and envelopes, 2 each of 5 images  $20 + $5 S&H  Small Buy Now Button

First Light Holiday Card Set  
10 5 X 7 cards and envelopes $20 + $5 S&H  Small Buy Now Button

With Blessings – may we all have moments of beauty and grace!

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