Prayers, Pomegranates and Moroccan Fruit Salad

The allure of the pomegranate. I have been intrigued as long as I can remember. The abundance of hidden sweetness behind every papery membrane. Discovery. Stained fingers. The fruit of legends. The Stupa of Dharmakaya, Shambhala Mountain Center at Red Feather Lakes in Colorado is a setting where a beautiful depiction of the pomegranate fruit is displayed….

Wasabi Egg and Avocado Salad Stuffed Cucumbers

Cukes galore at Ft. Collins, Colorado CSA Happy Heart Farm inspired me to create this recipe back when I provided food demos monthly on pick-up days. It often turned into a party on these afternoons – 4 to 5 dishes for all of the members to taste based on what was being harvested. That hot summer the cucumbers…