Pachamama’s Beautiful Food book proof is here! So close to publication!!


My heart was pounding when I heard the FedEx knock on the door this Tuesday, August 6. I was actually on a call with a client then, and had about 35 minutes to wait until I could open that door, lift the box and take a deep, joyful breath before I opened it. I was nervous! And excited. My first proof of the book was soon in my hands!

book photo

Then I put together a vegetable collage – a sweet haul from my early August garden, plus Colorado peaches and locally grown strawberries too, hugging my cookbook from all sides.

book photo 2

I am so excited for you to see it! If you are interested, please link here to purchase now! Nearly half of my first run of books is already sold!

Here’s one special endorsement I’ve already gotten:

“An alchemy of love, beauty, and delicious food that feeds everyone’s bodies and souls. Come and feast your senses. You will be thrilled!”
Bailey Stenson, owner/founder Happy Heart Farm, 1st Colorado CSA


From original poetry celebrating Mother Earth – “Pachamama” in the Quechuan language of South America – to quadruple coconut chocolate pancakes with sour cherry honey, grilled endive and asparagus soup with fresh peas and blue cheese, roast golden beet carpaccio with walnut sherry vinaigrette, bison and apple stew pommeau served in a pumpkin, and chocolate mascarpone tart with Frangelico grilled figs
plus a story or two served alongside, Colorado chef Margaret Gilfoyle invites you
on a delicious journey through her home kitchen and gardens. Serving up 77 favorite recipes from over 25 years of professional chef and cooking life.
“What a gift you give me, every time you offer up a seat – at the table in your heart.”

All recipes are gluten free, over 70 are vegetarian/vegan, with listing in the index for  paleo and keto friendly recipes as well. There are several chicken, several salmon, and one wonderful bison recipe. Colorado rural life and gardening is joyfully featured, and anyone who enjoys eating local food, the Slow Food movement, the sacredness of what we choose to eat and become part of us will find much to celebrate!

I’ll be receiving the second proof early next week, with estimated delivery of my first run of books by the end of August/early September! Soon, soon soon!

And then, the mailing party and schedule of book launch events will be posted!

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  1. plumdirt says:


    1. Thanks so much Plumdirt, I really appreciate it!! 😊

    2. Thanks so much Plumdirt, I really appreciate it!

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