Beauty of the Garden

Early mornings in this years garden plot have been so inspiring, my heart sings to be there, and I love to share the beauty.

First Romanesco zucchini blossoms popped today
and a close-up
Tomatillo plant strung with glowing little lanterns
I was treated to this bee backing out and turning to fly from a glowing Grandpa Ott’s morning glory flower, fully loaded with pollen.
Packed with pollen from head to toe
Readying to fly
Just before he zoomed off into the morning
Scarlet emperor bean flowers sparking amongst the green vine covered tipi
Fleeting treasure
The most beautiful birdhouse gourd plant
Anticipation of the delicate white birdhouse gourd flower blossoms
Dill starburst
Sweet detail of the dill flower buds
Ruffly red kuri squash flowers and exquisite light through the leaves
Knee high by the 12th of July
Teensy beans beginning to set
Thinning the leeks

As the garden builds momentum, the glory of summer and how we can celebrate the earth right into our kitchens fills me with joy.

I hope it does for you too. Wishing you a wonderful growing season.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Littlesundog says:

    It appears your garden is flourishing!! Nicely done!

    1. So far so good Littlesundog! Gearing up to keep the grasshoppers at bay! Thanks so much!

  2. Ruth Varian says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos. They are beautiful! Food for the table and also the soul!

    1. I so agree, Ruth! So good for the soul!

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