Ginger Plum Butter


Italian plums will always remind me of my mom when we were growing up, her delight when plum season arrived in the summertime, and her two bite technique for eating these plums out of hand, deftly plucking the pit from the halved fruit and forging ahead with the second bite without a hitch. She told my sister and I she could easily become a fruitarian. And with gifts like these from the trees, why not?

unburdening the trees = a sweet glut of plums


When faced with baskets of Italian (or Stanley) plums last summer, I had a hankering to meld the flavors of ginger and these gorgeous fruits together.


The recipe is so simple and delicious. It’s a perfect way to spend a few hours, filling the kitchen with incredible fruit butter making fragrance  – and reveling in the sweet alchemy that heat creates with cut Italian plums. Spoiler alert! That frosty looking blue skin and pale yellow interior gives way to a rich, deep rose deliciousness. What a surprise it was for me, the first time I ever witnessed the magic!


ginger plum butter, simmering away
ginger plum butter, simmering away

A food processor makes wonderful work of blending a silky smooth consistency, with a few charming bits of plum skin scattered here and there.

… oh gosh …


Oh gosh its good.

Time for the recipe:

Ginger Plum Butter

Makes about 5 eight ounce jars

  • 2 1/2 lbs. fresh Italian (or other favorite) plums
  • 2/3 to 3/4 c. honey
  • 1/2 c. minced fresh ginger

Wash, pit and chop plums. Place in large pot with honey and ginger, and bring to a simmer over medium heat, stirring often as the mixture cooks. Watch closely! Thick fruit mixtures make giant burning bubbles if left untended on the stove! Use a potato masher if you like, to help break down the plum pieces as they cook. When fruit is completely tender, remove from heat, let cool slightly, then puree in food processor. Older recipes will direct you to run fruit mixture through a food mill or press through sieve. Use whichever method appeals to you, to achieve a smooth texture. I then return the pureed plum ginger deliciousness to the pot, and bring back to a low simmer.

Meanwhile, sterilize jars for canning, then pour plum butter into jars within 1/4 inch of the tops, wipe rims and seal immediately. Process in a hot water bath 10 minutes, check seals then store* in a cool, dry place.

*Highly Recommended to reserve a jar for immediate eating!



IMG_9870 (2)
oh yes … 

 Blessings for sweet summer days and nights, and be sure to share a jar and a smile, plenty of smiles, with your friends and neighbors!


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  1. I very much miss these kinds of plums and have not been able to get them here in Virginia. I grew up with them in Germany and loved the many cakes and jams and juices we made from them.

    1. They are lovely, I’m sorry they aren’t accessible to you now. What type of cakes did you make with them in Germany? I’d love to find out!

      1. My mother would make these large sheet cakes with a special cake dough, then cover it with halved plums, sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over it. We ate it with homemade whipped cream

      2. Oh how lovely! I can just picture that beautiful cake.

  2. What a beautiful colour! I bet it tastes delicious 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. 😊 Yes, I love the color too – the magic alchemy that happens with these plums when cooked is amazing to me!

  3. Roberta Binder says:

    Beautiful and looks like serious YUM! Love Italian plums!

    1. Thanks Roberta! It’s a simple and very tasty recipe! Great with warm Brie and crackers, too!

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