May Day – Seeing Green in the garden

Gardening is embedded in my DNA, and reverberating in my heart.

Growing, tending, dreaming, harvesting, cooking, sharing. Such bliss ….


And another season of delight is beginning once again. This year’s garden is sprouting!


Purple Peruvian potatoes …


and the Red Sangres –


Red and white, alternately planted onions.


I bought these, and all the lovely potatoes when I was down in Paonia, Colorado at the end of March.


Seeing all these sugar snap peas sprouting and curling and thriving

made me really smile.

Especially because my rabbit fence is (hopefully) secure and bunny proofed this year.


I have spinach planted in the triangle within the pea tipi,


and a second tipi angled across the garden for scarlet emperor and Blue Lake pole beans a little bit later (2 weeks!) I’m sure I’ll let a stray one or two morning glories wind on up one of the tipis, and probably nasturtiums too.

Rainbow chard growing all along the east side fence:


And Detroit Reds plus Golden beets to the south.


I spotted a wee volunteer cilantro plant today, and am hoping for more of these, along with dill, fennel, endive and arugula!


Can you tell I’m excited? 🙂

And even though it’s a rented plot, with this being my second season here, it gives me a sweet sense of place to witness the perennial chives and lemon thyme (just behind) come back.


There will be a bit of broccoli or napa cabbage, tomato plants and a few chili varieties coming to join the garden as we arrive more fully into the growing season. Basil too, and rosemary. And I’m considering training pickling cucumbers to climb my fencing.

If another plot is left open, I’d love to claim it. For winter squashes and more cabbages, and herbs….. There are twenty separate plots in my community garden, and quite a few look vacant this year, at least so far….

Are you planting a garden this year?

And is your heart more full when you are in it, tending, sweating, smiling? From now until early November, you know where I’ll be, every chance I get.

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  1. Sandy says:

    I’m super impressed with your pea tipi!! It all looks great!!

    1. Thank you Sandy! Oh, I love it so much! I got the bamboo tipis already put together at a local nursery.

  2. Roberta H Binder says:

    Every fall I decide, this is my last garden. Every spring, I can hardly wait to begin planting once again! And happily my garden grows and fills me with joy and peace. Strawberries are on the brink. The herbs are about ready and the lettuce is close. It has been a late spring here in WNC, but we’re getting there.

    1. Oooh, I know your garden must be beautiful, Roberta! Strawberries on the brink sounds just lovely! Our soaking rains this past weekend gave a big drink to everything and the greens are a balm to my soul!

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