Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Beginnings

Bee – ginnings. Pollination. Plants. Food. Life. We need bees, truly, for new beginnings. In the circle of life, they are key. Blessings to the bees – please support them. Greenpeace Petition to save the honeybees

Favorite Photographs of the Year

Memories of 2013 from Pachamama’s Beautiful Food archives…from Paonia to Ft. Collins, Colorado. Thank goodness for gardens! Out of the thousands of photos I took, I hope you enjoy these mementoes. Click on the first image to view as a slideshow. I’m beginning to more earnestly focus on the Pachamama’s cookbook, going through recipes, gleaning…

Leek Gratin with Asiago Jarlsberg Mornay Sauce

Late fall and winter actually become easier to bear when it’s finally snowing, and just beautiful to be outside! What eases the early darkness of this season even more for me is, coming back indoors, watching a fire in the fireplace, and – let’s face it – the amazing foods of the season! Freshly pulled leeks are…

The First Magical Ear

I am so grateful to everyone with passion. For it is passion that makes life such a rich amazement. “Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma had an uncanny knack for corn breeding. More specifically, he excelled at selecting and saving seed from those cobs that exhibited vivid, translucent colors. Exactly how long Barnes…

Curry Pickles of Joy

Crunchy and absolutely delicious, these are the curry pickles of summer. Yes, these may be the pickles of your dreams. For one thing, if you grow salad style cucumbers, (we have a “burp-less” variety) and your vines are doing VERY WELL this season like ours are, you may at this point of the season have…

Haiku for a Melon

Grow mightily sweet in these dog days of summer, dream big, wee melon!

The Refuge of a Pumpkin Flower

When the beauty one encounters is so vast it defies description, I wonder if my heart, beaming strongly through these words is enough to portray why witnessing the refuge of a pumpkin flower awakened me?

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Change is beginning to charge pretty unmistakably through my life! On June 30, one entire year since I began this blog with an incredible garden by my side, I will be moving away from the North Fork Valley. I have so many feelings, thoughts, words. And then – choose it to be love. Just love….