I Lit a Candle This Morning for Yesterday – and ended up Baking Cookies

I lit a candle this morning – and ended up writing on my new blog — please come visit. And read this post! It ends with a recipe, and love, just for you.

One Heart World ~ with Margaret Gilfoyle

As I lit a candle this morning, it felt I was lighting it for yesterday. For a realization that came. Where my heart floated graciously in acceptance of what was right before me, and I let go of what was not. I quietly rejoiced in that letting go.

Two nights ago, I had danced. There were things that had to be said, just in movement with the music. A message to myself, a reminder about what is – and what is always inside me. I let out some of that old longing, with the music turned up, dancing alone, and then I slept hard in my own bed.

In the morning, my spirit smiled.

She took me outside to view the incredibly frosted world just steps away from my door. To breathe in that sharp, cold air of winter solstice morning. To step in, look closely, and take photos of this incredible…

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