Garden Mandala – a gratitude of bounty

Show me a garden plot at the end of February and I’ll be happy through November.


July 30, 2018


So much to love


How does Pachamama hold such beauty?

Today: Rainbow chard, mixed lettuces, purple kale, blue lake green beans, burgundy beans, snap and snow peas and their greens, beets, squash blossoms, cucumber, and herbs, glorious herbs: flowering lemon thyme, fennel, dill and flowers, basil, chives.


I celebrate you now, thank you thank you, in such gratitude for an absolutely perfect day in the kitchen. You’ll be seeing some new recipes very soon: garden to table, eat local, love your garden.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Roberta Binder says:

    Glorious Garden treats!

    1. Yes! Love the Garden so!

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